Group charter cruises
Prices for a group charter Saunacruise start from 195 € per hour including the boat for 12 customer place capacity with the skipper, wood and water for the sauna and shower, gasoline, insurance and barbecue equipment. After the Sauna You can grill your own sauna treats or order from our catering MENU some traditional Finnish Saunafood.

Individual sauna therapy cruises
Our invigorating sauna therapy cruises for individuals take place once a week on Tuesdays for women and on Wednesdays for men from 5:15 pm (corona pandemic and weather allowance).

Pricing of the sauna therapy cruise is 35 €/person and duration is 2½ hours - cash payment upon arrival. As the number of customers on the ship is limited to 12 at a time, we recommend that you check availability and reserve your booking in advance: booking form or info@saunaship.com. Departure for the cruises takes place from central Helsinki at Ehrenströmintie 3, 00140 HELSINKI. Sauna is available throughout the cruise and swimming/sup upon arrival at the anchorage location in the archipelago. Own swimwear and towels are recommended, but towels / swimwear can also be rented from the ship for € 8 each. Cold soft drinks are also available upon charge.

Read more about our sauna therapy cruises and general info on amazing health benefits of sauna and sea bathing: HERE

We are glad to receive inquiries, offer requests and orders at info@saunaship.com or tel. +358-44-5955811. Just e-mail or call and ask for more. The Saunaship home harbour is located at the center of Helsinki in address Ehrenströmintie 3, 00140 HELSINKI. If needed, we can also arrange pick up from another desired location.

M/S SAUNASHIP is inspected and insured for 12 passengers and the speed of the hull is 5 knots. Wood stove sauna area is for 8 persons and a sauna lounge cabin for 12 persons. Sweet water shower and a chemical toilet are in the back deck and a place for the open fire and barbeque at the front. Viewing the beautiful archipelago while sitting in the sailing Sauna and swimming in the midst of all this make your senses alive and feel like a newborn baby.

Did you know that there is about three million saunas in Finland with population of 5,5 million inhabitants, averaging one sauna for each household? Thus it can justifiably be said that this makes us Finns experts in the sauna tradition. Furthermore, did you know that there are 179,584 islands in Finland? This is a fact that adds to the unique natural beauty of the Finnish archipelago - we might even be so bold to insist, the most beautiful archipelago of the world!

What would be a better way to experience this beauty, peace and quiet of the archipelago than taking a panorama tour through the jigsaw puzzle of islands in a relaxing atmosphere of saunaboat and experience an integral part of the Finnish culture.

In our saunaboat we can offer you and your company a tailored service package based on your individual needs, such as Helsinki by the sea tour, whereby we can take you through some of the essential sights along the Helsinki coastline, such as Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Helsinki Zoo island, Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, the Sibelius Monument, the Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral as well as Pihlajasaari and Iso Vasikkasaari islands. Furthermore, nature photograph cruise, fishing cruise, wine tasting cruise, culinary cruise as well as sausage by the fire, among others, can be arranged. All these options can be enforced with traditional Finnish pastime activities like mölkky or pölkky, for example.

Materials and tools: Birch leaves, a knife and one young birch sapling

Start by picking up branches from healthy birches if possible, sometimes you can use rowan and willow as well. There should be leaves up to the top of the branches, if you don t like to have a whip. Collect a nice bush of branches, just enough to hold them in your hand and start to heap them up. Clean the stems of the branches out of leaves and small branches and leave the leaves up to 25-30 cm. Start the heaping with the bigger branches by rolling the bunch in your hand. Leave the short branches last to get a round whisk. Bend the whisk with a twig made of a young birch, the thickness of wich is same as a pencil. Put the head of the twig, sharpened with a knife, through the handle and leave the leaf end among the branches. To get a tight binding, wrap the twig twice around the handle and once again over the first rounds. Tighten up the binding and lock it by putting the sharp end under the rounds. If you have time and nerves, you can make two bindings for very handle. To get a strong twig, you can roll it in your hands while screwing and the extra part of the twig is a good loop to hang the whisk in to the sauna wall. To finish the whisk, you can cut the end of the handle round and there you have an original Finnish whisk. Before using a whisk, you can put it down in warm water to get it softer and have some natural perfume in the sauna steam...